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Care of leather goods

1. Keep them dry if you can

Obviously during the British summer there is no possible danger of things getting rained on; but you should try to keep leather goods out of the rain as much as possible. Vegetable tanned leather (from which all Leather for Folkies products are made) will deteriorate over time if constantly exposed to repeated wetting and drying; and heavy wetting may discolour some leathers.

2. If they get wet, don’t try to dry them off too quickly

Standing water should be brushed or wiped off items that have got very wet or saturated. After that, just leave things to dry out naturally – they all do eventually. The worst thing you can do is rub them vigorously and turn the hairdryer on them. Your own skin wouldn’t respond well to that kind of treatment and neither does leather!

3. Moisturise them occasionally

Not with water – but with a suitable aftercare product. Shoe creams and leathercare products designed for vegetable tanned leather should be ok. If in doubt, Sedgwicks Leathercare is a tried and tested substance for keeping leather conditioned.

Simply apply a thin layer with a rag every now and again, say twice a year or more often if the leather has been exposed to lots of heat, cold, water or a combination of all three. Leave to soak in for a few hours then buff the leather with a soft cloth.