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Terms, Conditions & Privacy

Terms & Conditions

Leather for Folkies is a trading name of Simon Brock (referred to variously as ‘I’ and ‘Leather for Folkies’, below).

Items bought online

Basically, if you buy online – or based entirely on information you have seen online – then everything is covered by The Consumer Contracts Regulations (2014) which has superseded Distance Selling rules. Whatever bizarre and onerous conditions Leather for Folkies might ideally like to impose upon the unsuspecting customer, it matters not, because the regulations trump them all anyway.

So to make things easy, this is how it works in a Leather for Folkies context:

  • If you order a standard item (e.g. pint purse, stock design masks, etc.) and you don’t like it, you can return it within 14 days of it arriving for any reason or no reason at all, and get a full refund, and we’ll pretend it never happened.
  • If you order anything where you have to select options as you order (e.g. kit bags, belts) and/or you have anything personalised, then a refund is at the discretion of Leather for Folkies. Personalised or made-to-order items are exempt from the CCR standard terms.
  • If your stuff arrives damaged or doesn’t arrive at all, you can have a refund or replacement and we’ll get into the details of that if it happens. Let’s hope it doesn’t.
  • If the mistake is mine, you can have a refund or replacement. So if you order a red belt and you get sent a black one, I’ll send you a red one as well. BUT if you meant to order a red one, and you actually ordered a black one, and you got a black one, then you’re stuck with it. See the difference?

Items ordered by phone/e-mail/post/face-to-face

Prices and terms of payment will be agreed in writing (normally e-mail) before work begins. I only undertake to provide a refund if the item I’ve made is not suitable for the job because I have made it wrongly or not according to the agreed specification.

If we agree on the shape, size and other specification of an item before it’s made and you subsequently decide that this is unsuitable; and/or if an item is unsuitable because of information that you have supplied (e.g. given the wrong dimensions for an instrument), then offering a full or partial refund or exchange is at my discretion.

In reality, we’re all folkies, we are a decent, civilized bunch, and recourse to the nitty gritty of the terms and conditions is unlikely to be necessary. But if you’re in any doubt about what you’re ordering or have any special requirements, please get in touch to resolve it first. For example:

  • Exact colour of leather: you can have a sample
  • Exact internal dimensions of a bag because you need to put something very specific in it
  • You’re particularly short/tall/skinny/tubby and need a shoulder strap to fit

All questions will be answered honestly.


Personal information entered whilst using the online shopping cart and checkout systems is stored by the site, and in Leather for Folkies’ dusty tomes of customers’ names. This is all done by that most delicious method of data harvesting, cookies. Without this information, transactions become pretty difficult…

Leather for Folkies is not responsible for what third parties do with your data, though; so if you’re buying through the PayPal checkout make sure you’ve read their Privacy Policy as well if it’s important to you!

The Leather for Folkies Tribune occasional newsletter is administered by MailChimp. They hold any information you have entered when subscribing to the newsletter online or when signing up to the mailing list in person, but are not allowed to do anything with it except if required by law.

Personal details may be used to contact you in the future – please drop a line at any time to bagman@leatherforfolkies.co.uk if you just want to be left alone – but you will not be automatically added to the newsletter mailing list when you place an order.

Your personal data will never be given, sold or otherwise passed on to anyone else by Leather for Folkies, unless disclosure is required by law (yes, it’s difficult to imagine the circumstances in which that would be the case).