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Design & Artwork Guidelines

Designing decorated leather goods together

Handmade leather items can, by and large, be engraved, initialled, tooled, painted, or hand dyed to any colour of the rainbow. Some of these things are mutually exclusive but some of the decorative procedures are compatible – you’ll have to ask to find out which!

Bespoke decoration can be as simple as a monogram, or as complex as a fully tooled kit bag. Tooling is very traditional and can create some true works of art, as it is really three-dimensional sculpture on the surface of the leather.

Custom tooling normally reflects a particular purpose or concept that is significant to the customer, e.g. related to the regalia or ‘feel’ of a morris side, floral/woodland/green man motifs, that sort of thing.

If you have images or your own designs you want to incorporate into surface decoration of the leather, this can be accommodated. If you have no more than a vague idea of what you want, I will happily do the design work for you.

The good news is that I am an artist as well as a leatherworker, so you won’t be left with a mess if you surrender control of design work. But, to be on the safe side, you do get to see line drawings of designs before tooling or engraving begins (unless you’d rather it be a surprise, of course!).

Finally, if you do just want something completely wacky and one-off, that can be arranged too, and you might want to have a look at the One-offs & Custom Items page.