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All Leather for Folkies items are sent by Royal Mail, using an appropriate service (normally the cheapest). The smallest items can be sent as ‘large letters’, so they are. Most items are classed as ‘small parcels’ and priced accordingly. Big and valuable things such as kit bags are sent by Special Delivery, and (fingers crossed) this way they don’t get lost. You will be contacted to arrange a delivery date that suits you if a signature is required.

If you’re buying through the online shop, you’ll find the checkout does the sums for you and will charge once for delivery for the heaviest/largest item in the order. So if you order a kit bag and a few tankard loops, you just pay for the kit bag postage. If you order a dozen tankard loops, you just pay the postage for one. So it’s more worth your while placing one big order than several small ones.

If you’re ordering over the phone or whatever, the same rules will be applied.

By prior arrangement, you can collect things from the next festival that I am attending. Please note the ‘by prior arrangement’ bit: let me know this is what you want to do before placing your order. This way I can advise you if your items are, in fact, going to be ready in time to pick up at the festival you’re going to.