Belt pouch


Folk festival favourite: a ceilidh-proof and caper-proof alternative to pockets, to keep your car keys, credit cards etc. handy. Great instead of a handbag when you don’t want to be weighed down with luggage.


Product Description

For greater ease of use, the pouch is fitted with two belt loops rather than one – this means you can wear it anywhere on your waist without having to fit it between your trouser belt loops.

Belt pouches are available in brown, black, blue or red, with a choice of stitching colours and metalwork options.

Leather is available in other colours or can be hand dyed to order, and any design you want can be added using tooling or engraving. But it’s not possible to cover all permutations here – and custom tooling and dyeing do have cost implications – so if you need something out of the ordinary please get in touch.

The pouches pictured are in red leather with white stitching and nickel plated steel fittings; and in custom tooled and initialled natural (undyed) leather, with brown stitching and brass fittings.

See the ‘Additional Information’ tab for sizes.

Additional information

External dimensions

16cm wide x 12cm high x 4.5cm deep