Morris kit bag


Be the envy of your friends with a fully bespoke kit bag for carrying your bits and bobs from one dance spot to the next; or for neat, convenient storage under the bed at home.


Product Description

Ideal for all those things that don’t have a proper place to live, like baldrics, bell pads, tatters, makeup, hankies etc.

The Pocket Kit Bag has a handy extra pocket on the front, perfect for keeping white hankies clean and also useful for keeping festival programmes handy.

The bags come with a grab handle as standard, but can also be fitted with D-rings (to attach your own strap) and/or a detachable, adjustable shoulder strap in matching leather.

All three standard designs are available in brown, black, blue or red, with a wide choice of stitching colours and metalwork options to suit your team colours: all these options are included in the cost and all kit bags are made to order from scratch. (Alternatively, you could attach ribbons, which is an easy way to make a plain brown or black bag match your team colours.)

Leather is available in other colours or can be hand dyed to order, and any design you want can be added using tooling or engraving. But it’s not possible to cover all permutations here – and tooling and custom dyeing have cost implications – so the general rule is if you want anything that can’t be selected from the drop-down menus, please get in touch.

The bags pictured are Square Kit Bag (shown in blue with red stitching, brass fittings and grab handle only, also with engraved morris team logo); Curvy Kit Bag (shown with yellow stitching, brass fittings and grab handle only, with custom tooling/dyeing/painting); and Pocket Kit Bag (shown in brown with white stitching, nickel plated steel fittings, grab handle plus D-rings and shoulder strap, and with team colour ribbons fitted).

See the ‘Other Information’ tab for sizes.

Complete one off kit bags can be catered for too, for example the Black Hart bag pictured, which includes custom tooling and dyeing as well as the unusual feature of a painted antler as a handle.

Please see artwork guidelines for advice on designs for engraving or tooling.

Additional information

Square Kit Bag

External dimensions 34cm wide x 25cm high x 13cm deep

Curvy Kit Bag

External dimensions 35cm wide x 24cm high x 14cm deep

Pocket Kit Bag

External dimensions 34cm wide x 25cm high x 13cm deep
Main pocket approx. 8.5cm deep internally
Hankie pocket approx. 4.5cm deep internally