Repairs & Repurposing

Leather for Folkies can carry out simple renovation and repair work on a variety of leather goods that are tired, broken or need a new lease of life.

Product Description

Examples of repair work include:

  • Replacement straps for clogs and shoes
  • New buckles, loose things re-riveted, etc.
  • New straps and handles for bags and cases
  • Tatty lining leather or lining cloths re-secured and tidied up
  • Repairs to stitching
  • Simple repairs to shoulder straps and bellows straps for squeeze boxes

Old leather goods can also be re-dyed and/or polished to make them sparkle again.

It might even be possible, on leather goods made from vegetable tanned leathers, to add custom tooling, dyeing and painting; as shown here with the example of an old tobacco pouch now sporting a handsome green man face.