Tankard wrap

Personalised tankard wraps, to keep your beer safe from wandering hands.

Product Description

Tankard wraps can be tooled, dyed (water-based and non-toxic), painted and initialled (or stamped with short names) to make them unique. The presentation tankards pictured have been tooled with some good honest folkie designs, coloured using a combination of dyes and paints.

Complete presentation sets include a brand new 1-pint Sheffield-made pewter tankard, wrapped in a design of your choice, sewn up at the back as shown, and delivered boxed. These are around £75 depending on the complexity of the design (+£5.00 postage).

Alternatively, thanks to the mastering of complex algorithms and equations, Leather for Folkies can re-wrap your existing tankard, giving it a new lease of life (this only really works for “normal” straight-sided tankards).

Whether you want a brand new presentation tankard or a wrap made specifically for your pint pot, please get in touch to discuss your options.